Are you the person you think you should?

What does being humane means to you?

Is it thinking good for others? or hating the wrong?  What I saw today stunned me and made me rethink on my idea of being humane, being a good person!

Am I the good person? should I call myself the one? and how many among you can?

Me and my friend drives to college by my bike as it is 14 Km away from my home. Going to my college is a beautiful journey. The road is surrounded by green farms and plant nurseries on both sides, a cool breeze of air coming to from the trees gives a refreshing experience. The view of green trees all around is beautiful and pleasing to eyes. Chirping of birds takes this experience to the new level. This is a journey you can never be tired of.

Today I was late for college exam so we were in rush but enjoying the journey. We were half way to college when I noticed a cute little puppy crossing the road. Suddenly a black colour Apache appear from nowhere and overtake us and we heard a sound like someone broke a wooden block in a single shot of axe.

Next moment that puppy was lying on the road it took us no time to understand that his rib was broken in the accident with Apache. His front left leg was in the air and the back two legs were touching his front right leg, blood was coming out of his mouth, he was trying to crave in pain but was unable to make any sound.

Me with my friend carefully pick him and place him on the side of the road. We asked people around to get him some water but nobody moved, not even us! We wait there for some time for someone to get some water for him or someone who can take him to hospital. We didn’t bother to do that on our own and left for our exam.

On our return find that puppy dead which made me feel guilty. That puppy might have been saved if we would have searched for water or took him to the hospital. But, who cares? he was just a stray dog why would we? Our exam was more important for us.

That guy who struck him, he didn’t even stop to see if that puppy was ok! Why will he stop? It was not his pet dog, not someone else’s. He was just a stray dog NO ONE IS GOING TO SUE HIM FOR KILLING ONE. What a mechanical life we are living where our work and our time matters more to us than a life.

I have never expected myself this heartless. I won’t even bother to save a life when I can. I know I should but I didn’t. I failed myself. Since I’ve seen him dead today I was disturbed. But nothing can change what happened. 

We all want to be a ‘Hero’ me too. But, what I learned today is..

Hero is not one with good desires and power; hero is the one who does not care if he has power or not and take the necessary action in time.

Being humane is not just about feeling bad for someone it is about helping them out, it’s not about hating the wrong it is about making it right.

I was looking for some statistics on animal deaths caused due to street accident and I found this video on Youtube that made me feel good.

We need more people like this guy.

When it comes to you, what you will be? Hero or human?

Yeah, it’s not always our fault, accident happens! but we surely can give the injured animals proper treatment. At least we can try to save a life. We can!

What I want is Next time when you are in such a condition where you have to choose between your work and a life. Remember, someone’s life holds more value than your time & work. You can save lives.
Just be humane.

I hope this article may help someone getting back to life.


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