City Collection -Experience

I am used to reading blogs having my earphones on. Last night I was listening to Taylor Swift while reading 1000 Days an article by Cheri Lucas Rowlands when I noticed something odd in my earphone, one of my earbud is not working.

I was shocked for a second, How could this happen? this was my new earphone. I brought it from ‘City collection’ which is a renowned store in Nagpur. I felt cheated but then thought this could be a manufacturing defect. I reminded that when I bought the earphones they asked me to keep the bill safe as this is going to be my warranty for 3 months.

Now, I wanted to fix this issue sooner. But, I was at my hometown which is 24 Km away from Nagpur. Travelling Nagpur and return home just for earphones was not a good deal for me.

Next morning when I woke up I read about ‘Youth Empowerment Summit’ in news paper. This event was happening in Nagpur. I got the reason to visit Nagpur.

As it was for youth I was excited to visit the program and happy that now I can get earphones fixed. I called 4 of my friends who might join me and 1 among them immediately agreed to come with me. As session was about to begin at 1:00 PM we get ready before 12 PM.

I realized, I forgot to took the bill of headphones. I rushed into my room and started looking for all the places but I didn’t find that carry-bag in which I kept that bill. I searched on every place where I can possibly keep it but vain. I got tensed, if I don’t find that bag I wont get my earphones repair for free. At the end as a last hope I asked my mother if she knew where did I kept it and as they says, 

Mother knows everything 

she told me the exact place where that bag was kept.

I pick my friend from his home and we drove to the venue we were late but guests were not arrived yet so we saw the career guiding stalls there and later the program began.

After a session we came to know that this event will be ending at 6:00 PM. As we have to reach our homes before dawn this is going to be too late for us. We left that event at 3:30 PM and visited ‘City Collection’ shop to repair my earphones. 

Shop was crowded, we find our way through people and went to a counter on first floor from where I have bought my earphones. Salesperson welcome us and enquire us about our need, I told him about the issue.

All this time I was confused if they will repair earphones or going to blame me for not taking good care of my stuff because, I have experienced this before from another store. This time I didn’t want to pay for repairs. But, this time my experience was very different. Salesperson told me that they are going to exchange the earphones.

I was expecting repair which might be taking hours but instead they were giving me an replacement. I was happy but this happiness didn’t last long because, he was asking me for the box of earphones which I left home. I tried my best to convince him but waste. He suggest me to send bill and box with someone else and they will send the replaced earphones by his hands.

That day my work might have left incomplete but, I was happy with the service. Now I was waiting for my brother to come home so that I can send him to exchange earphones.

There may not seems to be anything special in this article but, that day I learned a big lesson from the ‘City Collection’. 

When you are in a business, only good price doesn’t matter hospitality, honesty, customer support and politeness all this things does makes the difference.

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