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  • This article is a honest opinion.
  • I am not connected to this shop other than being a customer.
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When it comes to blog reader like you I expect at least once in a lifetime you’ve tried to write your thoughts out, tried to pour your feelings on paper. I love to read those kind of blogs which are written without editing. They are the source of pure feelings no filters no hesitation.

I used to read blogs at the bed time listening to Taylor Swift with my earphones on.I remember I was reading such a deep and heart melting story -‘1000 Days‘ by Cheri Lucas Rowlands last nigt when I noticed one of my earbud is not playing. For a second I was in shock. How could this happen? I’ve just bought this piece of earphone in last month. I felt cheated for a second but I realised I bought them from ‘City collection’ as it is a very renowned shop in Nagpur I thought it must be a manufacturing defect. I remember when I bought them they asked me to keep the bill safe it will be accepted as a warrenty card for three months.

I cool down and started thinking about going to Nagpur. As my place is 24KM away from Nagpur I’ve to get permission from home for the same and my parents will not allow me to go for such a small reason. I was quite upset.

Next morning when I woke up I read about this Youth Empowerment Summit in news paper and I got the reason to visit Nagpur.

I told mother that I’ve to visit this summit and she allowed me. As it was for youth I was excited to visit the program too. I called 4 of my friends who would probably come with me 1 among them ‘Gaurav’ immediately get ready to come with me. As session were about to begin at 1:00 PM I got ready till 12 and waiting for my friend to call me for the arrival, suddenly I remind that I didn’t took the bill so I rush into my room and started searching for all the places but I didn’t found that carry-bag in which I kept that bill. I searched for every place where I can keep it but vain. I got tensed, if I don’t find that bag I wont get my earphones repair for free. In the end as a last hope I asked mother if she knew where did I kept it and as they says, 

Mother knows everything  😃

she told me the exact place where that bag was kept and I came to my senses. 

I visit my friend’s home pick him from there and we drove to the venue we were late but gusts were not arrived yet so we saw the career guiding stalls there and later the program begin.

After one session we came to know that this is going to end at 6:00 in the evening this would be too late for us because we have to reach home before it’s dawn so at 3:30 PM we leave the program and visited the ‘City Collection’ shop in Sitauldi area. 

As we get in it was rush in the shop as it always does. As I already had visited this place I knew where I have to go. I go upstairs and a salesperson welcome us and asked our needs. I told him the reason and very politely he told us whom to visit. All this time I was in total confusion if they will repair my earphones or they will blame me for not being careful with my stuff. I already had the same experience once, at other places so was quite nervous what if he refuse to repair my stuff and ask to pay. But I didn’t let those feelings bother me and show those earphones to another salesperson on counter and told him that one of those earbud is not working and something happened that I’ve experienced here only this guy told me very politely that this earphone can be exchanged!

 I was expecting this guys will repair earphones and will ask me to wait for fue hours or some days but he was exchanging it. I got very happy but those next word got me little upset, he further told me that I had to bring the box of earphone also with the bill. I brought that bill only and kept that box at home. I told him that I came from a distant place but it was the rule and he can’t broke it for anyone. He suggest me to send that bill,box and earphone with someone else and they will exchange it.

My work may not be done but I am still happy at this same evening with their service. Now I am waiting for my brother to come home and me to ask him when he will be going to Nagpur and I’ll get my earphones exchanged by him.

There may not seems to be anything special in this article but I learned today’s big lesson from the ‘City Collection’. 

When you are in a business, only good price doesn’t matter hospitality, honesty, customer support and politeness all this things does makes the difference.

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